T3.5 Reconfigurable Lattice-Resonance Metalenses on Coupled Nanoparticles

Jingtian Hu (Northwestern University)

Compact lensing components are crucial for miniaturized imaging systems that can be integrated into portable electronic and optical devices. Metalenses—rationally designed surfaces with nanoscale building blocks—have accomplished subwavelength imaging and can correct for spherical/chromatic aberrations. However, existing metalenses have fixed structures once fabricated and cannot adjust their focal spots based on the position of an object. Here we describe a reconfigurable metalens system that can image at visible wavelengths based on arrays of coupled plasmonic nanoparticles. These lenses manipulated the wavefront and focused light by exciting surface lattice resonances that were tuned by patterned polymer blocks on single- particle sites. Predictive design of the dielectric nano-blocks was performed using an evolutionary algorithm to create a range of 3D focusing responses. For scalability, we demonstrated a simple technique for erasing and writing the polymer nanostructures on the metal nanoparticle arrays in a single step using solvent assisted nanoscale embossing. This reconfigurable materials platform enables tunable focusing with diffraction-limited resolution and offers prospects for highly adaptive, compact-imaging.

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Jingtian Hu
Location: Technological Institute M128